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Jumbo Mortgage Refinancing

Credence Funding Corp helps homeowners with non conforming jumbo mortgages tap into their home equity, lower their interest rates, and shave years of their loans through low cost, low rate refinancing. We offer a variety of jumbo mortgage cash out and, rate and term refinancing solutions at some of the lowest interest rates in the marketplace.

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Cash Out Jumbo Mortgage Refinancing

Free up cash for other investments, consolidate debt, pay for educational expenses, or tap into your equity for any other reason with a jumbo cash out refinance solution from Credence Funding Corporation. We have creative, fixed and adjustable rate loan programs designed for higher net worth individuals seeking to cash out some of the equity in their properties.

Jumbo Rate and Term Refinancing

Take advantage of today’s low interest rates and save on your monthly mortgage payments with a jumbo mortgage rate and term refinance. We offer a wide variety of fixed rate and adjustable rate non-conforming home financing solutions with varying levels of documentation requirements.


Cash out jumbo mortgage highlights:

  • Fixed & adjustable rate options
  • Low jumbo mortgage rates
  • Any closing costs typically deducted from cash out amount meaning no money out of pocket
  • We work with multiple investors and search for the right solution


Rate and Term refinance opportunities:

  • Lower your interest rate and save thousands in interest
  • Shorten the amortization of your loan
  • Move from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate product
  • Capitalize on the short term saving of an adjustable rate mortgage


Have questions regarding a VA cash out refinance or a VA streamline refi?